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At Rox Meat, we only serve the
highest of quality products

The Founder

Hailing from a long and distinguished family history of chefs, Tansu developed his special talent in food preparation and cooking. Working and living in the catering industry from a young age, he was soon inspired to share his burgeoning passion with as many people as possible. As such, he embarked on his official culinary career and mission.

Working his way up from an employee at 16, to an employer at only 31, Tansu launched his first restaurant in 2015. Throughout his journey, he also became an experienced and qualified mixologist, encouraging him to open a successful bar shortly thereafter. He felt it critical to do so as, “flavour is not only important in food but also very much so in what we choose to pair with it.”

As with most cultures food plays an important role in connecting us with friends, family and at times strangers.


Rox Meat Founder

The Business

The history of Rox Meat has been 31 years in the making. Seeking to establish his own complete and integrated process of ingredient procurement to ensure the freshest products, a wholesale distribution centre was born: Rox Meat. This secured a safe and stable supply, not only to his restaurants but to an extensive eatery network. Now, by cutting out the middleman, these high-quality products can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Rest assured with our tried and tested methods; we only serve the highest of quality products we would be proud to not only serve but eat ourselves.

In the improbable event of a genuine problem with the delivery of goods, our customer service team is second to none. Anything supplied by us comes with the Rox Guaranteed Stamp of Approval, order with confidence from us.

Not just a supplier

We also offer advice regarding menu, recipe, presentation, utilizing our methodology, trends to contemporary and pre-existing restaurants, as well as ideas and advice on seasonal menus.

Quality assured

Recipe suggestions

Innovatively packed